It is interesting that the purchasing power of a currency unit is within 120 years fallen well below one hundredth. (A guilders in 1889 had the purchasing power of about 15.000, - Euro today) became the great-grandfather had 120 years ago.

1889: - Florins on passbook Our great-grandfather in 10000, possessed.

1900: From 10000, - guilders were 2000, - CZK

1925: from 2000, - CZK, 0.20 shillings

1938: From 0.20 shillings were 0.1333 Reichsmark

1945: From 0.1333 Reichsmarks were 0.05333 Schilling

1947: From 0.05333 0.0177 Schilling Schilling were

1998: From Schilling were 0.00128 0.0177 euros

Given above angeführter monetary history, it seems to be quite serious money in the long term monetary assets (savings account, savers, life insurance, ....) to assess.

Because if one keeps in mind that by 10000 - would guilders, if he had in real assets, such as land, or directly invested in the economy, we can in land prices and property prices angesichst today or changes in international economy probably come to only one conclusion:

Property value our capital protects against currency devaluation through inflation and currency reforms!

"My great-grandfather said to my grandfather, my grandfather said to my father, and my father said to me: If I had invested my money in real estate, I would have been a rich man! My son, what will you say to your children again? "